Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yep, overreacting

Dear Universe:

If you insist upon taking that enormous shit on me and my partner, could you at least give us some softer toilet paper?

Thanks, Lisa


Just Eat It! said...

What happened? :(

brie said...

Wait you forgot to ask for at least 2-ply. That 1-ply shit doesn't work and gives your bum quite the rash, haha.

ola said...

I´ve been reading your blog for a while and God gifted you ingenious talent to observe, interpret and share both everyday and recovery topics. I think you are going to be fantastic teacher.

I love your sense for details and humour!(Right now I feel like asking Him for some Pampers)

Take care and treat yourself soft!

Lisa said...

I should note that "my partner" is actually Jim. Sometimes I call him my partner - because that's what he is - and sometimes I call him my boyfriend.

During my TFA interview, I first referred to him as "my partner" and then as "my boyfriend." My interviewer was REAL confused. I think it's the hair.

Sarah said...

You could swing both ways and be in two open relationships. Or own a business with Jim. The TFA person should be more open minded.

And by the way, wait until (if?) you get married. There are so many more great names you can use to refer to your legally betrothed. I have a great time making up new ones. I think a love for weird terms of endearment is genetic since my younger siblings refer to my parents as "momsicle," "momster," "dadIloveyoumore" and "popsicle."