Saturday, April 25, 2009


Octopus sushi? Yes, please!

I survived the drive out. Did I say we were going to get through the mountains before dark? Well, that was a lie, because there's nothing but mountains between Athens and D.C. It's a whole lot of steep and dark. The scariest part, though, wasn't until we were almost to Jim's - I watched a car spin out behind us and hit the barrier. My friend called 911, and when she said it was only one car they responded: "Oh."

Jim had all kinds of food and wine set out when we arrived, even though it was 12:30. I have an excellent boyfriend.

Yesterday we hit D.C. We planned on going to the newly-opened American History Museum, but we went through the memorials first. For some reason I thought they would be more spread out, but no - there's WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Lincoln. I liked the WWII memorial quite a bit. I got a little burned because, well, I'm dumb. But my dress was cute.

The museum was a bit of a dud - it's not very well laid out. To see the ruby slippers and the other popular stuff, you wind up backed up and crammed into these tiny rooms. However, the sushi place we went to afterward more than made up for it. It doesn't look like much from the outside, but Cafe Asia has a fantastic happy hour. We got edamame, which was about $4, and then a bunch of different sushi at $1.25 a piece. I was the only one brave enough to try octopus - which I know I like grilled from our meal at Lima - and it was very worth it.

Next we got rush tickets to a show which, lo and behold, included several instances of full-frontal male nudity. I'm from Ohio - that just doesn't happen!

More wine and cheese at home followed. Today we're having a cookout!


Kristina said...

So glad that you made it safely to DC.
I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.
I have to say that I had to endure 2 years of bicoastal dating, and it sucked. Enjoy your visit, and have fun trying new food(s)!

Cammy said...

I'm glad you're having a good weekend! Sounds like this Jim is quite a catch. Have fun tomorrow and have a very safe trip home!

Gaining Back My Life said...

YUMMY on the octopus sushi!

EWWWW on the male full frontal....I can't even type it out, sorry.

Tiptoe said...

I've never had octopus sushi but have had octopus before. Have you tried eel sushi? It's different.

Glad the trip went well except for the exposed nudity you encountered.