Thursday, April 30, 2009


Dear Elderly Fellow in the coffeeshop,

Ah, that familiar burgundy bottle of Boost. Dude, I'm sorry - that stuff tastes awful. Or at least I remember thinking it tasted awful; maybe that was just because I knew it was CALORIES. Gluggy, thick calories. But I suppose the Boost was better than the el-cheapo CVS brand that my broke-ass self used to buy, much to the confusion of the salesclerks. Lord knows how long those cans had been on the shelf - I don't imagine generic Ensure moves well in a college town. You, Elderly Fellow, are in the appropriate demographic. I hope you're okay.

It's strange how this one small thing can take me back, so quickly and vividly, to those desperate, shameful, horrible days.


Just Eat It! said...

If I ever have to drink Boost ever again, I'll cry my eyeballs dry. When I told my parents I hated it, they bought the Walmart-brand Equate Ensure equivalents. Nastiest stuff ever.

Lisa said...

I had those, too! The only way I could make them even remotely palatable was to blend them with some fruit and freeze them.

ola said...

Thanks for your comment Lisa, it means a lot!

We have soemthing similar called Nutridrink here and I quite accept it. Well, it don´t taste good at all (tropic one is hell) and they remind me strongly of my first inpatient, but they are kind of absolutely neutral and emotionless (non)food, plain calories that causes less fear than real food. I don´t have to choose and chew and think, just drink it. I know it is not healthy attitude, but in the phase I have to gain weight it helps.

I think tastes and smells are most potent inductors of memories, they are "older" senses than sight and hearing connected with stronger emotions, both positive nad negative.

Lissy said...

past memories can really take us down. i wonder how to have them and not freak.

the good news -- you're not drinking that stuff now!!!

Gaining Back My Life said...

I had a friend suggest I mix in PB & bananas in the chocolate flavor. Of course all I could think of were the extrea calories that would add. Pathetic.