Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Everyone overreacts

Until this weekend, I was handling things pretty well. I suppose the familial concern and overdose of Easter candy combined to send me over the melodramatic edge.

But that's okay. Sometimes you need a day or two or three to just freak out about things. I was overwhelmed by some of the rather scary choices I'm facing right now, and in my head things seemed much more dire than they actually are. So I freaked out, cried and moaned and had waaaaay too many chocolate things. I lost faith - not in God or religion, but in myself and in the future.

Are things ideal? Absolutely not - my thesis is stalled, my boyfriend is 400 miles away and it's been pissing rain all day. But those are circumstances. The people in my life, though - Jim, my family, my friends - I couldn't ask for better. If I can't keep faith in the world around me, I can keep it in them.

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Lissy said...

still, it's hard. i count my blessings, i survey the glory of the world, i consider the plight of others.

and then i kick myself for eating potato chips before dinner.

good luck with everything!!!!