Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A huge thank-you

After a long, sweaty day at work downtown. After trying on bathing suits and overpaying for the only one that wasn't hideous. After waiting for the bus and sweating some more. Some good news - some really good, heartfelt, touching news.

I've been thinking a lot about this blog. When I started it, I was definitely underweight and definitely not recovered. I don't know if I was even really serious about recovery at that point. Things are different now. According to the grand-high-muckamucks of American health, I'm overweight. I struggle sometimes, but my mindset now is far different than it used to be. I'd been wondering what I could still contribute to this conversation we've all been having - about our lives, the struggles that we face, and the strength that we find in each others' words. I felt like I wasn't giving much - not nearly enough to repay all of the amazing support, advice, and empathy I've received in 2+ years I've been blogging. I was floundering a little.

And then I got an email from Emma Stone, who informed my lil blog had won a 2010 Top Eating Disorder Blog award. I was a little befuddled - I don't write about anorexia nearly as much as I did once - but then I read that my wonderful readers nominated me for the award.

How did you all know that I needed a pick-me-up? You guys are amazing. Thank you.