Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Holy melodrama, Batman!

So things are imploding a bit. That doesn't mean I have to become SuperWhiner. Nobody promised me that things would go always go well. Sure, they told me that if I worked hard, straightened up and flew right that things would be more likely to go well. But there were no promises made.

As my dear Dr. M reminds me, there are two kinds of stress - stress that paralyzes and stress that mobilizes. Of course they aren't exclusive and one can become the other. I need to take this paralyzing stress, the stress that transforms me into a melodramatic puddle and make it the other kind of stress. The energy I'm wasting here can be used for better purposes (aka THESIS).

That, and I need to stop beating myself up for choosing sleep over my morning workout. I went to bed at 2, it's okay to sleep until 8:30. And also stop berating myself for using Smarties as a coping mechanism.