Tuesday, April 28, 2009


It's been rainy since the afternoon, and now everything feels ... damp. There's soggy air coming in the windows, but you can't close them because then the damp will just linger. For some reason it makes me all itchy.

I'm trying really, really hard to change the way I'm thinking about my body, but with the weather, PMS, and the lack of any clothing that fits properly, it's been hard.

I will like myself. I will be okay with clothing that actually touches my body. I will believe Jim/my mother/my sisters/everyone else when they tell me I look good. I will recognize and appreciate the diversity of the human body. I will say hey, my boobs are kind of nice.

I will. Someday. Soon, I hope. I'm working.


brie said...

It's impossible to like one's body when there's pmsing going around. Ugh. I'm BLOATED and HAVE ZITS.


Maybe we're supposed to start the same day? ;)

Hang in there. Believe those you love most when you know your POV is seriously (sorry, but this is true...) screwed up in relation to what you look like.

The end!

ola said...
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ola said...

Hi Lisa! I´ve read your weekend posts and they were fantastic. They were so real life-ish!
And there are given things like PMS, rainy days (in another part of the world it is raining as well..) or diversity of bodies. But they are not going to stop us getting better! On the contrary: let´s accept all these meteorogical and physiological difficulties:)