Monday, June 8, 2009


The shopping excursion yesterday? Waaaay better than I expected. I did not have to relegate myself to the books and earrings. I actually tried things on - after eating lunch.

And I got some fantastic bargains, all on clothes that I will be able to wear teaching. The best of the best were the Anthropologie pants: originally $88, marked down to $20. Why yes, you overpriced faux-boho yuppie haven, I will take a 77% discount.

That fabulous deal was followed by a respectable jean skirt for $8, denim pants (they really don't look like jeans) for $7.50, and a gray shirt for $4.50.

Did I hate myself a couple of times? Yeah. Did I buy clothes that are bigger than I really am, because I hate things that are even remotely tight? Yep. Do I still think the trip was a success because I didn't run screaming out of any fitting rooms? Yes.


brie said...

so glad you had a successful trip - so many good bargains! I actually LOVE to shop, but I am a definite bargain shopper, much to my husband's relief (withstanding the shoes I bought this weekend for $80...woops...)

anyway your little adventure reminded me of an experience I had in IP treatment. A therapist took me and a few other girls shopping, it was supposed to be "therapeutic." Well she made us try on SWIMSUITS and I remember we were at Macy's, and we were like taking up the whole dressing room, and if a stranger had walked in, all they'd have heard was a collective group of girls WAILING. The therapist was like "shutup it's just a swimsuit GET OUT HERE AND LET ME SEE IT!" (SHE WOULDN'T LET US TAKE IT OFF TILL WE SHOWED HER!!) So I like opened the door let her glance at me, and then she was like "how do you feel?" and I like collapsed on the ground sobbing...haha it is hysterical now, but at the time...not so much. :)

Lisa said...

I can't believe your therapist actually thought that was a good idea! What an awful thing to do to you all.

licketysplit said...

Yea! Congrats on the success and the awesome deals!

And Brie-
I totally wouldn't come out when we did the swimsuit thing and Nicole was so very not happy with me. (She was also my therapist) :/

lisalisa said...

It sounds like a ROARING success, and after lunch even! I love those deals you got. I wish we had an anthropologie around here...Waterloo sux!

ola said...

I am glad you did so well!
Every time you wear your new clothes you should be proud of yourself Lisa:)

Natalie said...

i got a shirt from anthropologie that was 100$ and marked down to 20$. i'm still excited about it