Friday, June 5, 2009

Flowers are expensive

Mother of god. I refuse to spend $700 on flowers. We'll carry puppies down the aisle or something.

I am working on Dr. M's latest advice - "there are no rules." It's harder than you might expect ... unless you have an eating disorder, in which case you know exactly how hard it is. I ate a cupcake today - the Honors College gives them to seniors when they finish their thesis. Rule-breakage FTW.

I move out of my current abode in six days. I move to DC in less than two weeks. My teacher training starts in three weeks. I have no idea when I hear back about the job. I hope it's soon, and I hope it's good.

Deeeeep breath.


Anonymous said...

i am a lurker, but felt the need to post today ...

change is hard - and you seem to have a lot of it right now ... and its hard even if it is all good stuff. your attitude about it all seems good though, and that is awesome! and good luck with the job thing - the unknown/uncertainties are what are so hard for me to deal with. i know it will all work out for the best though.

and about the flowers - it is your wedding ... do whatever you like. personally i think it would be awesome to walk down the aisle with puppies! :) very original

brie said...

don't worry darlin, i ate TWO cupcakes today, and no i'm not lying! too bad you can't carry cupcakes down the aisle...hey might be a good idea...

lisalisa said...

Like sarah said- it's your day! I don't see spending 100's of dollars on flowers if they're not of paramount importance to you. We didn't have wedding cake at our reception; we had dessert crepes. it's all up to you.
Good luck with the move and stuff. Scary/exciting at the same time ;)

Anonymous said...

You get thesis cupcakes? I don't think I got a thesis cupcake! OUTRAGE!

Also, yes to carrying puppies down the aisle! The leashes can coordinate with our outfits.

(Ha, the verification word on this page is "profo." Is that a professor who is a mofo? I think it might be.)

Kristina said...

I have to say that M. and I planned our wedding while we were traveling around Ecuador and got married two days after we returned to the States (and we had decided to get married only 3 weeks before!). We didn't follow ANY rules, I don't think, and I wouldn't change anything about the day.
Not even the fact that I forgot to carry the bouquet! So, flowers, schmowers.

I love the advice - "There are no rules".
Puppies would be wonderful, so are cupcakes.

Carrie Arnold said...

Not that I'm anywhere near having to decide diddly squat about a wedding, but I am so having kittens at any wedding I have to plan!

My cousin had bouquets of fresh picked daisies and it was really pretty.

Sarah said...

I got my florist to use "gathered" flowers (wildflowers) along with cultivated flowers. It was pretty cheap because she didn't charge me per stem for the gathered flowers, though I* had to pay her gathering fee and the structuring fee for the bouquets. We also reused the bridesmaids' bouquets to decorate the head table and used lots of greenery (cheap) to top reception tables.

I like the puppies idea though. I told D and he snorted with laughter and said "make sure you put diapers on them." I am married to the most juvenile man on the planet.

Also, cupcake rule breakage = AWESOME. I had an extra glass of sangria last night, which led to an extra bowl of kettle corn. I don't regret it. Mostly.

*who am I kidding? My parents