Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Life 2.0

Tomorrow my mother and I will spend eight and a half hours in our packed-to-the-gills minivan. We will unpack for a few hours. Jim will make us dinner, and Mom will spend the night. Then she will leave next morning, and I will be Moved In. On My Own.

Tonight is my last night in the family house. I mean, not the last as in I'm never coming back. Enough of my shit is here that I'll never really leave. And technically I didn't live here most of my last two years at school. But this isn't like temporary, until-school-is-over housing I'm heading into. This is I'm-An-Adult-Now housing. I'm-Engaged housing.

Have you had your fill of hyphens?

Life 2.0 is about to start. And I'm scared and excited like you wouldn't believe.


Anonymous said...
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Lisa said...


I deleted your comment because I don't read your language and don't know if your link is safe for my readers. If you can write back in English and tell me more about yourself, that'd be fine.

Harriet said...

Have a safe trip! It's so exciting starting a new life.

Gaining Back My Life said...

I am so excited for you. A new chapter of amazingness for you!

p.s. word ver is "promiste" - sounds promising, no?