Monday, June 29, 2009

Locus of Control

First day down. I will be teaching students going into first grade. Finally, my earring collection will be truly appreciated (especially the cow ones). Walking through school today was a hoot - it brought back so many memories. Giant jugs of paint, posters everywhere, pictures and projects on the walls. I know this is going to be intense, way more so than my previous internships and jobs, but I know the staff are going to support me and help me get to the place I need to be.

As for food ... it's hard. Today was hard, because the routine is so new and I didn't know what exactly to expect. I really, really had to talk myself into going to dinner tonight. My stomach's been hurting on and off - not nausea, actual pain. Might be psychosomatic, might not. But I have a plan. There's oatmeal in the morning and I can handle the sandwiches at lunch (eat the turkey and tomato, leave the sad lettuce, sticky cheese, and soggy bun). For dinner I have the luxury of a loaded salad bar and fresh pineapple. Today I found out where they hide the hummus. I went for a jog and now know which streets are not good for a lone woman jogger (I stick to well-lit places, do not listen to music, and take my phone).

The staff talk a lot about your "internal locus of control." This means that you honestly assess what you can control, take responsibility for it, and take the rest in stride. This should be an interesting endeavor.


Lissy said...

maneuvering through life is always an experience.

sounds like a good food plan. hope it helps you relax, feel safe and comforted

i, too, have a hard time when my days change,and i'm off the food schedule. it's particularly hard when i'm really tired.

good luck with everything!

lisalisa said...

first grade is such a fun age! I'm glad you are excited about your job; so many people are stuck doing things that they hate. Good luck with the food!

Sarah (your sister) said...

I definitely read that as "locust of control" and wondered if you had attended some kind of plague-themed seminar.

I am so excited that you get to teach first-graders! You are going to be amazing.

Natalie said...

how long are you going to be there? how far away is it from Jim?

Kristina said...

Hats off to you! Anyone who can teach young kids impresses me.
Glad that you've figured out the food situation.
And I can't wait to hear more about the "locus of control".