Tuesday, June 2, 2009

And the big things keep coming

Seriously, if one more significant thing happens this week I will explode.

You all know my news from the weekend. You know I am graduating in a week. You should also know that I am moving to D.C. in TWO WEEKS. And today I finally, finally finally got my interview set up for Teach for America (they give you an age range at first; later you have to interview for your actual position). I've been reading up on the school and holy moly, I'm excited. The school looks great.

But I'm also feeling a tidge overwhelmed. Okay, a lot overwhelmed. There is a lot to do, a lot to handle. I just have to keep reminding myself that there is so much GOOD that is going on.


Harriet said...

Wow, things are really happening! I live right outside of DC. It's a lot different than Ohio, but you'll love living here. Congratulations!

Cammy said...

This is really terrific, Lisa, I am so glad that so much is coming together for you. You have definitely earned it.

Cammy said...

I didn't mean to dismiss your overwhelmedness, that can be really significant even when dealing with GOOD things. Just take things one day at a time, and don't underestimate yourself.

Just Eat It! said...

This sounds great! I know I love the DC area, having lived here all my life, and I hope you like it, too.

ola said...

Congratulations Lisa!
Let the Big Real Life come to you:) you deserve it!
And DC and your students are lucky!

lisalisa said...

It sounds like you have alot on your plate right now, so to speak. I am really impressed at how well you are dealing with it all! I am excited to fond out how everything turns out!

Lissy said...

i love DC.

isn't it frustrating that we can't sit back, take in and enjoy the good stuff? i have a wonderful trip coming up this weekend and all i can do is stress, stress, stress about what i'm going to pack, what i have to get for the trip, what's the weather going to be every day, and on and on and on. my boyfriend, who's doing all the driving and won't know anyone there and is working up to the very last minute and closing his business, is not stressed at all. he's not even thinking about it. he does everything as he needs to. and then he relaxes and has a great time. i'm in awe.

take care. one moment at a time.

AND CONGRATULATIONS on everything! you rock.

Kristina said...

I was away for a few days and so I missed the BIG news! So, a belated congratulations to you. I understand that sense of being overwhelmed; even when life is full of GOOD, it can be difficult to manage stress and the onslaught of emotions.
I hope that the move goes well and good luck with the interview!
- Kristina