Monday, June 8, 2009

Baby I'm amazed

It really is incredible how differently I feel about my body from day to day. Yesterday? Felt okay. Felt kind of good about it, amazingly enough. Today? Not so much. I'm too thick, too awkward, too much. There is just too much of me, everywhere. I take up too much space, and I'm not even aesthetically interesting as I do it. Just an oozing sort of lump.

Ew. I just grossed myself out with my own hyperbole. I can't possibly be that bad. This is my eating disorder whispering how hideous I am. It is not reality.


Lissy said...

it is a strange phenomenon -- one day your body is fine, the next day you're sure you couldn't squeeze into an airplane seat. (that's where my brain goes.)

i, myself, am once again trying to stay off the scale, because it makes me nuts.

hope tomorrow feels better -- no matter what you weigh or how your clothes feel. it's hard to remember, but we are so much more than the size of our bellies.

lisalisa said...

I'm sure you are not an oozing sort of lump, but I understand the feeling! Hang in there!