Saturday, June 27, 2009


Before I left for TFA Dr. M reminded me "there are no rules."

What if that were true? Really true, in things besides food?

Forget the implications of chaos and pillaging. Just think about what life might be like if there were no silly rules about food - or about how we talk to one another, or the way we think about our bodies, or the way we see each other and the world.

I can't decide if that would be liberating or terrifying. Maybe I wouldn't get funny looks for smiling at people on the metro. When I told someone I liked their hair/shoes/dress/tattoo, they wouldn't think I was creepy. But then maybe the ugliness in people would come out and it would get nasty.

Rules can be good, I know, but some exist that we don't need. I'm going to think more about this.


Gaining Back My Life said...

Gah, I'm struggling with rules right about now! They become so ingrained that we don't even think about them. Trying to undo years of meaningless rules is hard work!

Silly Girl said...

In the past rules have been my downfall and saving grace. I am working on finding a good balance. Thanks for the great thoughts.

Lissy said...

how about starting with -- freedom around food and weight. that's enough for me.

i think the world would be dreamy without food rules. what if all weights were cool?

although if i hadn't had my eating disorder to "comfort me" all those years, what would i have done.

i get your point, lisa!