Saturday, June 20, 2009

Shiny and new

Holy moly. My new apartment is beautiful.

It's big. Much bigger than I expected - I knew the square footage, but I couldn't visualize it. And I have so many closets! I was worried that I was bringing too much stuff (our poor minivan was almost scraping the ground), but there are still dresser drawers going unused.

The million-dollar question - does it feel like home? Yes and no. All my magnets are on the fridge, my stuff is in the bathroom, my clothes are hanging in the closet. Jim and I made dinner for a couple of our friends last night, and that was homey.

I start my TFA training on Monday. That's got me tied up in knots.


Harriet said...

Welcome to your new home! Sounds like fun. Are you in DC or the suburbs?

lisalisa said...

your place sounds great! I think it's important to have enough space and not feel claustraphobic. Isn't it fun to have people over for dinner in your own place? :)

Silly Girl said...

Congrats on your new home! You are so lucky to have so much space. Enjoy your space!!

Lisa said...


We are in Alexandria. It feels kind of like a suburb of DC, but there are SO MANY PEOPLE! I've never seen so many apartment complexes and high-rises!