Sunday, February 1, 2009


Being the wizard with icing that I am, I made some of these little guys for an early groundhog's day party:

Instead of sticking the almond joy down in the cupcake, i cut it in half and set it on an icing-topped cookie. Then I surrounded it with green-tinted coconut "grass." Adorable - and effing time-consuming. I made 16 of them in all.

My roommate was nice enough to drive me to the apartment. However, I didn't make it three steps before I hit a patch of ice and fell, really really fucking hard, on my knees. My cookies - my adorable, wonderful, took-me-forever cookies - were mostly on the ground, a few still on the platter. I don't know what I cried more for - the pain in my knees or the cookie loss.

So now my knees are swollen and hurt immensely when I sit, stand, or navigate stairs. It's finally warming up and going to the gym would be a very bad idea. But oh, I really really fucking want to. I ate a lot and drank a decent amount of fruity things last night, and I"m catching myself thinking, oh, the elliptical wouldn't hurt, it's so low-impact ... but I know that I shouldn't go.

How do you guys deal with the I-can't-exercise anxiety? When I was first starting recovery I dealt with it by hating my mother, but that's neither healthy nor rational.


Cammy said...

First of all: WAY cute!
Second: so sorry about your knees!
Third: I had a similar experience one time, I spent HOURS making an elaborate birthday cake for my mom, and then on the way to her house I sort of hit another car on the interstate...and when I called her (sobbing), the first thing I wailed about was that her cake was ruined.
Lastly, favorite distraction techniques:
-mindless yet addictive computer games (Tetris is my all time fave)
-Crafty things, like cross-stitch or crocheting
-Jigsaw puzzles, another fave of mine
-I can spend tons of time "window shopping" in iTunes, just listening to the samples, browsing user iMixes, etc.

Hang in there and take care!

Just Eat It! said...

I usually deal with the anxiety by going to the movies. I feel obligated to stay in the theater once I buy the ticket, so it keeps me out of the gym for a couple hours.

Sarah said...

Oh hon!! Those little groundhog cookies look adorable. I am sorry that your knees hurt and the groundhogs fell.

Gaining Back My Life said...

OOOOOOH! How horrible! They were beautiful, though! I hope you heal well. LET YOUR KNEE rest; it will heal faster, I promise you :)

Diana said...

Those cupcakes are adorable! I made those Martha Stewart spider cupcakes for a Halloween party awhile back and I feel your pain - they really do take a long time!

The fall sounds painful...and like something I would do. Hope it feels better soon for you. :)