Thursday, February 19, 2009

Snow wonderful

Just kidding. February is more than half over. We need to be getting on toward spring, weather-wise.

I made myself come up to the student center coffeehouse. I could feel myself getting sucked into some depression-anxiety, so I thought if I came up here and did some work I'd be able to distract myself. So far, I've gotten a faceful of snow and I've "body-checked" my gut about six times in the last ten minutes. I still have a headache and I'm still stupidly worried.

I know I just have to hold on until Monday, but what if that doesn't work? Here I am, trying to distract myself like you're supposed to do when you're obsessing about something, and it's not doing much good. My brain is remarkably good at ignoring all sane and important things in favor of getting all hamster-on-a-wheel about nonsense.


Caitlin Dale said...

Boy can I relate to that. I am also the ridiculous hamster.

Becky said...

monday will be here before you know it!!
you can do it :)

Sarah said...

You CAN do it. Good job taking yourself somewhere where there are some distractions. Can you go see a movie this weekend? Do something outdoors and physical with a friend (cross country skiing or take a walk?) Bake cupcakes for someone and decorate them? Do crosswords or read?