Thursday, February 5, 2009


Things I am currently aware of:

1. The gum in my mouth (Orbit Sweet Mint, as always)
2. My roommate and my friend talking a few feet away
3. The surprising comfort of my blue armchair
4. The brightness of my monitor against the dim room

And last, the overriding, dominating sensation: my stomach. How it folds over, how it touches my shirt, how it fills the space it's given like a gas. I know this feeling won't last forever, but it's just overwhelming.


pushthedaisies said...

Overwhelming like there's no tomorrow.
I;m in the same state at the moment. No matter what else I'm doing typing thinking watching this stomach is so...heavy? =\

Sarah said...

Mine is too. But, that's because I just drank 12 oz of water in like 10 minutes. It comes and goes. Just keep that in mind.

MelissaS said...

mine to too! it's plumped up against my usually lose pants. make it stop. i like what sarah said -- it comes and it goes.