Saturday, February 14, 2009

Planes, Metrorail Trains, and a hotel?

Well my dear readers, my airport situation turned into a big ol' clusterfuck not long after I posted. Originally, I was scheduled to fly to from Columbus to Detroit, then from Detroit to BWI, then take the MARC train into DC. So first the flight to Detroit gets waaaay delayed (4.5 hours), which would cause me to miss my connecting flight. So the friendly-as-she-could be counter woman got me to LaGuardia, which would then take me to Baltimore.

Thing is, I HAD to be in Baltimore before 9, because the last MARC train left at 9:30. So when my flight to LaGuardia kept getting delayed, and then we were stuck on the runway FOR AN HOUR, I was getting pretty damn nervous. Once we land in New York - and let me tell you, LaGuardia looks REALLY REALLY SMALL when you're flying over - I found out my connector to Baltimore had been canceled.

The counter man was sympathetic. "You can just take the shuttle to DC."
"Shuttle????!?!? I can't take a BUS to DC!!"
"No ... the shuttle is a plane. It goes right into Reagan."

... right. So, Reagan is the best airport ever, and I wound up getting to Jim's around 8.

Yesterday, he tells me surprise! He's not going to work... and then takes me to this absolutely fabulous, swank-ass hotel downtown where we have an effing enormous suite. The bathroom is bigger than my bedroom and the bed is like an SUV. I'm wearing a bathrobe typing at an executive desk. High-rollin' indeed.

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