Friday, February 27, 2009

More distraction

This morning I tried to write a well-reasoned, thoughtful post on the proposed-but-unlikely mileage tax that's being bandied about in the halls of Washington. Try as I might, I couldn't make myself seem reasonable. What rankled me most is that it seems to unfairly target people who live in rural areas - not everyone lives within five or ten miles of a grocery store or a mall. Before he started riding the bus, Dad drove 60 miles a day. Sarah and I used to make 56-mile round-trips to Newport, Kentucky when we wanted a night out. Once I realized that, I started to feel guilty about driving so much. Granted, this was before the days of $4/gallon gas, but damn, my carbon legacy is ginormous. I wanted to say that the project would be too expensive, too complicated, and too intrusive, but I couldn't do that without sounding like a whiny child. Which I'm starting to realize that I am. Dammit.

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