Monday, February 9, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, my boss

Well, soon-t0-be. Sort of.

Michelle Rhee: "Teaching - The Toughest Job"


MelissaS said...

teacher's have the most important jobs. i think they should get huge salaries, so the very, very best and brightest teach our children. top graduates should turn down law firms and med school, because they'll make more money and have better perks teaching. if i had kids, i'd want michelle obama teaching them. our children would then better handle our country, enrich our economy and understand foreign policy, so ours could get better.

i think teaching is the hardest job. my friend teaches first graders. how can you keep 25 six year olds happy, quiet, interested and learning all at the same time, all day? my sales job is a cinch. no wonder teacher's deserve the summer off; however, all my teacher friends work a second job in the summer, because they don't make enough money.

it's an embarrassment to our country that we stiff our teachers.

kb said...

As a teacher, I enjoy the work and the people with whom I work. My department head often says that teaching is not a "profession" but far more than that, and I definitely agree.