Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fun times

In order to become certified as a teacher in D.C., I have to take two tests, the Praxis I and the Praxis II.

The guidebooks offer seven- and eight-week plans to prepare.

I'm taking the Praxis I in less than three weeks and the Praxis II in a month. I have never taken an education class in my life.

Why, why, why did I think I could do this?


Sarah said...

Oh, Lisa, you can do this! My ex roommate took the Praxis and she said it was essentially like taking those stupid standardized tests in high school. She got the books, ran out of time to study, and passed with flying colors. To be honest with you, she's not even very successful with her academics (she's intelligent in other ways.) You can totally do it, you're a smart college girl!!! So I'm guessing (you haven't officially announced it to my knowledge?) that you're doing TFA? Good for you!

MelissaS said...

of course, you can do it. moving ourselves forward is part of the process. getting as far as you are at THIS moment is huge progress. still, i hate tests. GOOD LUCK!