Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hudda wha?

I feel that there is profound meaning in the fact that this WTF article was the very first "top story" on the Yahoo news feed. "Must you diet on Super Bowl Sunday?" it asks. "What's the about an occasional day of eating yourself into oblivion?"

Cute. The reasons not to "pig out" include developing a tendency to do it again or more frequently (more "special occasions) and feeling crappy the next day. So why not make healthy substitutions, like swapping the seven-layer dip for salsa and baked chips? Um, I don't know, because the seven-layer dip is what you WANT? Salsa cannot compare to seven-layer dip. I'm not a huge fan of tac0-layer-salad concoctions myself, but my sister is and God help you if you try to swap it out with salsa.

And at the end of this rather disjointed article, the author states that all the nutritionists she spoke with said that "one day of 'bad' eating will not a life ruin." Well JEEZUS, thank goodness for that!