Saturday, February 28, 2009

Well damn

I'm up at the student center, which I hoped would distract me from my body/anxiety. Fail on both counts.

On top of that, I realized the small spot of wear by my back pocket is now a gaping tear.

I was trying to relax about food. I was trying to actually eat a little more to kick-start my metabolism. And what happens? I bust out of my pants. Super duper.

And I suppose the red-striped panties were a bad choice.

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MelissaS said...

well, at least your underwear didn't have holes!

why is it so catastrophic when our clothes don't fit? i spent two days at a convention with suit pants that seized my waist. did i care about the discomfort? nooo. the only important part was that they used to feel lose. in fact, i can tell you some exact days when they fit fine. like may 16 in a training seminar. and june 12 - the first day in a new job. if they'd split on those days, i'm sure i'd remember what panties i was wearing.