Sunday, October 26, 2008


Presentation complete! Besides the other presenters, the discussant, the chair, and OU people, there were THREE WHOLE PEOPLE in the audience. So, not scary. Dr. T said her rival was taking notes while I was talking. The few people who were there liked what I'd done and had some thoughtful suggestions.

Afterward I walked around a little strip mall and got lunch - a Greek salad that was far too expensive and kind of crappy, but was saved by the intensely wonderful chunks of feta on top.

And now I wait. It's 3:30 - my flight doesn't leave until much later, but I didn't know where to hang out until then. I'm stuck in Tampa all night, and I'll finally get to Cincy at 9:45. And then 2.5 hours back to OU. Maybe food and sleep somewhere in there.

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