Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Let's get some shoes.

After yesterday's gorgeous sunshine, this morning's downpour seemed especially grim. On the way home from the gym, I nearly stepped on the biggest frog I've ever seen. I was wearing my (not at all water proof) gymshoes, so had I stepped on the thing it would have been ... squishy. So I decided to break out the boots today.

It shouldn't surprise anyone who knows me that my two favorite items of footwear are both boots. The first is a pair of hiking boots that has held up remarkably well since I bought them freshman year. At that point I was always cold, but my feet were the worst. Not only did they keep me warm, they made me feel more substantial at a time when I wasn't. They still instill a feeling of solidity now - I feel like I can climb mountains in them. Or at least get to class without slipping on those picturesque cobblestones.

The second is a pair of tall brown equestrian-style boots. Jim bought them for me last Christmas after listening to me talk about how much I wanted a pair for a year. Shopping with him was so fun. When I finally slipped on the winning pair, they fit like they were made for me. They're much tamer than the phrase "knee-high boots" makes them sound, but I still feel sexy when I tuck in my jeans and zip them up. I climb figurative mountains when I wear those boots.

Not that I want to stomp a frog or anything, but at least now I'm prepared.

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Center for College Affordability and Productivity said...

This x-mas we'll get you some shit-kicking frog stomping boots: