Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Feeling better this morning. Managed to chat with Jim last night. He was, as he usually is, a good person to talk to when I need perspective, to get out of my own pessimism.

I was letting myself be cowed by all the big, bad things I'm coming up against. Where did my courage go? I used to like a challenge. I think I still do - I just forgot about that part of me. There's a lot to do, yes, and success is not guaranteed. But that's no reason why I can't make my best damn effort. And that's no reason to be afraid. Diligent, maybe, but not afraid.

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Gaining Back My Life said...

keep fighting. i know it sucks, i'm there myself. weight = good, feelings = ok, and life = chalenging but sooooooooo worth it.