Saturday, October 25, 2008


1. Three years of Spanish at Ohio University failed to provide me any functional grasp of the language. My conversation with the two Honduran men in the elevator was humiliating.

2. I totally got hit on by a silver fox on my flight this morning. The man next to me was a sharp-dressed executive from Columbia who wanted to practice his English (wink wink). No, really he did. We had a nice conversation about America and Columbia and the war on drugs. And NO, he didn't ask me if I wanted to be a mule, you silly American.

3. My hotel is creaky and old and shabby and I kind of love it.

4. Oh hey, guess what? I'm presenting tomorrow. Wow.

5. If you're ever in Miami, check out Pecorrino's. The good Drs. T, D, and B took me out to dinner there - it's really flavorful, well-made Italian food. Steamed mussels are so much better when you know they were still swimming this morning (Jim - the ones I had at Rustico were in a tastier broth, but the mussels themselves were ENORMOUS and even fresher).

6. Dr. T's rival is also presenting at my session tomorrow. He has funny hair. I hope I hold it together.


Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo!

Good Luck!!


Tiptoe said...

Yeah, you made it to Miami!

Good luck on your presentation. Just think, if you make it through (of which I know you will), you will have completed number 2 on your list of "theses things are true." ;-)