Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The weight I've gained has done jack to help insulate me from the cold. I feel so weak and silly to complain about it - 38 degrees (feels like 30 with wind) isn't all that cold, really. I don't know about anyone else, but it's physically painful for me to be too cold - my face, my hands, my feet, even my bones; it all stings and aches. I know that there have been many benefits to my recent weight gain, but that it hasn't helped in this respect annoys the crap out of me.

Of course this makes me worry about how I'm going to get my workouts done. Lord knows I don't want to borrow a car and drive , but I dread the long walk over there. I guess I will just have to suffer through Denise Austin, even though I much prefer the quiet of an elliptical.


Sarah said...

On the way back from the library, I was attacked by FROZEN PRECIPITATION. I so heartily do not approve of this "winter" thing.

Cammy said...

Don't feel silly, I just posted about "cold day" that had a high temp of about 58 (this is really low for this time of year in my region, though!).

I handle cold better than I used to, but I still definitely feel you on this, I think cold is so much worse than almost any other (physical) feeling, it can really be debilitating. Would a bike help, instead of walking, to reduce the time you have to spend outside?

Hang in there and remember to treat yourself kindly, remember that taking good care of your body is the best way to get it back on track and a little less vulnerable to winter woes...

Annie T AKA Agnes Mildew said...

The cold is a killer, isn't it? My extremities go waxen and white and the pain is immense. I thought my own recent weight gain would help but like you, it's still biting through.

The exercise does help, though - well, brisk walks help me, I must admit...if I have the energy!

What a double-edged sword!

Emily said...

I'm also finding the cold to be pretty brutal, though I'm finding that I get by with fewer layers now that when I was at my lowest weight. Feeling warmer is still one of the incentives I use for myself when I feel reluctant about gaining weight, but I agree with your skepticism about whether it really helps. As for the workouts, I hate that the cold weather (not to mention my injuries and health problems) forces me indoors and onto the elliptical when I would rather be outside running.