Thursday, October 23, 2008

These things are true

I just need to make myself believe them:

1. I will make it to Miami.
2. I will not pee my pants while giving my presentation.
3. Skipping workouts two days in a row does not make me a bad, lazy person.
3a. I do not need to lose weight.
4. I will make D.C. happen. I will make it fucking work.
5. I'm not the only one who's made mistakes. I will be okay.
6. I will find a job this winter.
7. I will get my thesis done.
8. I have people who love me and I'm so intensely lucky in that regard.


Hawthorne said...
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KC Elaine said...

yikes, sorry, I responded from my work email. pls don't reply to it. wanted to wish you goodl uck! what are you presenting

DaftDragon said...

saying things seems to sometimes be the first step toward believing, good luck.
i like the attitude you have in your posts, first time to your blog and i very much relate.

hello from illinois :)

MelissaS said...

all hail number 3. this is my life-long struggle. i've battled all the others too but the weight stuff, it's in my DNA. good luck.

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