Saturday, May 23, 2009

Turning my brain back on

Yikes. No concentration whatsoever. Well, I take that back - I read Q&A, the book on which Slumdog Millionaire was based, in under 12 hours. I have a book of short stories (Joyce Carol Oates' latest), but I can't seem to get started. My attention span is that of a gnat or goldfish or small child, except when it comes to bootleg online episodes of Six Feet Under. I've gone through those like a knife through butter. Hey, when you're a new-born slacker, you have to take your accomplishments where you find them.


burpandslurp said...

lol. I'm like that, too. I can finish a good book in record time, but find very interesting and diverse ways to divert my attention on other things.

Gaining Back My Life said...

Like I say - "Small victories count, too".

And I ain't no liar.

ummmmm....word ver. is 'semon".

I prefer to think Bob Marley is lurking around Google right now?

Lissy said...

congratulations on the Six Feet Under accomplishment! nice job.

i have tons of books i think i should read. when i finally decide to pick the one i WANT to read and that's okay, a lot of anxiety subsides.

letting myself actually pick what i WANT helps me better understand what i it is that i want. i'm filled with "shoulds" and then i get angry and resent my choices. and then i want to eat.

so, you go girl. do what you WANT.

sorry for rambling on your blog!