Friday, May 1, 2009

TGIF ...

So far today I have
1) Worked out
2) Printed some forms
3) Watched four episodes of The Office (I'm caught up)
4) Finished my thesis bibliography (four pages)

So far today I want to
1) Go back to bed
2) Have a vanilla rum and diet coke. Or four.


Lissy said...

i want to go back to bed. i want my cramps to go away. i want a salad, balsamic dressing on the side. and a glass of chardonay.

congrats on getting the bibliography done!!!!!

lisalisa said...

congratulations on your productivity! Going back to bed sounds nice, too....and also the diet coke(minus the rum for me)! All I have right now is this diet lemon sunkist that my husband bought and it is GROSS!

Amelia said...

a cocktail and a cozy bed sound so good today, but like you, I have things to do. Blargh.