Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bad body day

So my neighbor is laying out in the front (communal) yard, working on her tan, and wearing one of the smallest bathing suits I've seen. Untied. Because the little string leaves such a tan line, you know.

And I feel like a sausage in a t-shirt and jeans. Not a good-body day. But I guess like a bad-hair day, I'm the only one that really notices.

However, anyone within 50 yards is noticing the horrible hip-hop she's blaring into our shared space. Thanks, hon.


Natalie said...

This website might cheer you up:

Lissy said...

well, sausages are great. i've just learned to like them, via my boyfriend.

however, i doubt you look like a sausage.

ahhh, to live in a world where sausage bods were considered beautiful.

Lisa said...

My boyfriend sent me a link to that site a little while ago, Natalie. I agree, it's wonderful. I'm actually thinking of sending in one of my own family - as one friend put it, we "all look like Amish children."

Cammy said...

Bad Body Days suck. But remember that 1) you are many things beyond your body, 2) you are not a sausage, and even if, in some alternate universe, you were you'd still be very smart, funny, and all the other things we admire about Lisa, and 3) if exposing her body and her sound waves to the public were this girl's accomplishments for the day . . . definitely shouldn't make you feel bad about yourself!

BBDs are hard. But remember that energy and health feel way, way better than being sapped and shrunken. Please hang in there and treat yourself kindly.

Word verification is "glitizin." As in, the sunbather feels her duty as a responsible glitizin is to entertain the public with her pseudoclothing.

Harriet said...

That's a great website. I have some extremely awkward family photos from when I was a child.

I doubt you look like a sausage either. Or that you look like the chimp on your website, although she is cute!

Gaining Back My Life said...

ha ha ha, you painted a picture of a neighbor I want NOTHING to do with!

And you know what? Cheers to you for making the bad-hair day analogy. You always think it's worse than it really is.