Friday, May 15, 2009

If wishes were horses...

... then I'd finally have my pony.

I wish I could buy one of those ridiculous iced-coffee concoctions and drink it without hating myself for it later.

I wish my healthy mindset about my exercise break would have lasted through the night.

I wish there were not bees nesting above my bedroom window. They're on the outside. But still.

I wish my skin were not freakishly sensitive.

I wish I were buying a couch instead of plugging away at my thesis.

But alas. Wishes are not horses but annoying self-indulgences.


Anonymous said...

we all wish for something different than what is ... we all want what we do not have ...
we may never get those wishes, but they at least make life worth looking forward to. they give us hope.

sometimes people think i am crazy, but i do still choose to believe in fairytales ... childhood fantasies ... they keep me going, make me smile, and give me reason to believe in a better tomorrow.

lisalisa said...

I was behind on my reading but once i got caught up this post made more sense. I am also currently taking a break from excercise and sometimes i am totally fine with it and other times i am freaking out. I wish you luck with your thesis- i have never had to write one and can only imagine the pressure. Hope you do something fun for yourself when it is all over!

Kristina said...

I hear you on the wishes - I wish that the school year were over, right now, no more, just stop. I'm on the flip side of the coin, with papers to grade, classes yet to plan, a syllabus to submit for next year, but it would be nice to wish it all away!

However, maybe some of these wishes can become concrete, do-able goals rather than "self-indulgences"?

Lissy said...

i don't think wishes are self-indulgences. it's wonderful to wish and dream and daydream. sometimes, that's all i have the energy for.

i wish i could drink something with calories and be okay too. maybe wishing helps it happen?