Thursday, May 14, 2009

Slightly icky

Last Thursday I noticed a weird rash on my stomach. When I went to the (slightly less-awful this time) student health center, the nurse practitioner told me it was probably a heat rash. In all likelihood it was the result of my horse-like sweating during my workouts.

So I did something this week. I didn't work out.

Yep. Skipped my 6:40 AM workouts from Tuesday-today.

And I didn't balloon. I ate normally and I haven't noticed my pants cutting off circulation to my legs. I even had a couple of cookies yesterday and didn't reprimand myself. Also, the rash is gone.

Is my workout-stoppage permanent? No, I still like to exercise. And I'll deal with spotty skin. But I think I've learned something here.

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Cammy said...

Kudos to you for challenging rituals! Remember that working out is supposed to make you healthy, so if exercise is harming your body there is no shame in taking a break. It's terrific that you were able to prove to yourself that the sun does not rise and set on a gym routine, thanks for sharing!

The word verification is "snessism." I'm not sure what silly definition I could invent for this, but I do like it.