Thursday, May 7, 2009


Whoa, that was some serious self-pity I laid down in that last post.

Anyway, I generally don't believe in signs and omens. If there is a God or higher power of some sort, I really think - and kind of hope - s/he's working on big problems and simply doesn't have time to toss things in my path. But desperate times evoke strange reactions to commonplace events, and so I am probably reading too much into these things:

1. It's not raining. That's a plus any time.

2. I went to get fingerprinted today for Teach For America. "That'll be $58, cash or check," says the police officer behind the desk. I choke a little, collect myself and my things, and trekk to an ATM. The previous person had left $5 in the tray. Now, I know most people aren't going to come back for $5, but I turn it in anyway.

I return to the police station and fork over the money. "Wait," she says. "Do you just need a fingerprint card? Oh, in that case it's just $6." Yessssss.

3. I saw baby triplets. Asian baby triplets. Jim and I are convinced that Asian babies are the cutest of all and it's become an inside joke with us.

These things probably mean nothing. Or maybe they do.


Michael Goroff said...

You turning in $5 MEANS that you are a better person than me. The $6 thing was just a coincidence. But that doesn't really matter.

How come I couldn't see your blog before today?

Caitlin Dale said...

I would bet anything that they do. ;)

Lisa said...


No idea - Blogger is strange sometimes?

Lissy said...

seeing good things is so important. good work recognizing the good things around you!

still, i wonder - why is everything such work. i wish that joy and peace came a little more easily.

lisalisa said...

were they identical triplets? i don't believe that i have ever seen identical triplets, asian or otherwise. That would be cool :)

emily said...

1. You rock for returning $5
2. Good luck with tfa, my husband and a lot of my friends do it (I'm a normal teacher)
3. I too, have Asian baby fever