Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Blood donor FAIL

"Low iron? What do you mean? I haven't had a problem with that since I was little, and a few Flintstones vitamins cleared it right up."

"Are you on your period?"

"... yes."

Grr. Two painful finger pricks (why do those motherfuckers hurt so bad) and nothing to show for it. I admit that I give blood for two reasons: 1) it helps people and 2) it makes me feel good about myself. Yeah, it's selfish, but I get my happiness where I can. Even the Red Cross van.

And I didn't even feel tired until they told me I have low iron. After that I was pooped.


kb said...

I hate the blood donor-thing.
Not really "hate" it, but I've tried to give blood a couple of times at the place where I work (they have a blood drive once a year, so I go every year), and because I've been to WESTERN-F-ING-EUROPE I can't donate.
Low iron - that would be just as annoying.

Tiptoe said...

I've actually always wanted to donate but couldn't. The low iron thing can hammer a lot of people who would normally be able to give blood.

I did chuckle that you didn't feel tired until after they told you you had low iron. Power of words, eh? I'm sure next time will be okay. for the record, I think giving blood is a wonderful thing.

Gaining Back My Life said...

If you've been to West. Europe you can't donate? Good gravy.

Chin up, Lisa!

Anonymous said...

take some one-a-day vitamins. i take them just for that reason, cause having low iron can make you cold and i have a hard enough time staying warm. i think you're spose to have 18mg a day. just a suggestion