Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The wintry mix, in Ohio, falls mainly on my thesis

After weeks of anxiety and agonizing over my thesis, I was all set up to go to east-central Ohio today to do some interviews (not all anthropologists get to go to the glamorous places). Only this morning east-central Ohio was completely snookered with delightful wintry mix. The pink they use to illustrate that on radar pictures is such a puke-inducing color. Thankfully I was able to switch the in-person interviews to phone interviews at the last minute, and all went as smoothly as can be expected.

In other news, I purchased a new computer last night (sort of. The details are messy). OF COURSE, my previously malfunctioning computer updated and shut off like it's supposed to, and now Word is working again. I guess it's still a good thing; the soon-t0-arrive one is an Inspiron 1525 laptop with a Pentium Dual Core processor and Microsoft 2008 upgrade. I got it from the Dell Outlet, which has "previously ordered new" systems - the person who ordered it canceled the shipment. They have the same 1-year warranty that new laptops get. It was $589 before shipping and taxes, which is considerably less than it would have been if I'd used their "customize your system" feature.

On my way into the library I spotted a new book on eating disorders. I considered checking it out ... to read in the gym. Bad, subversive Lisa.