Tuesday, January 20, 2009


8:41 AM

Some people have been waiting for this day for a long time. For some people, this is a day that marks sweeping change and the beginning of a new era. For some people, today is a marvelous reason to go to a bar on a Tuesday.

I have been waiting for this day, too, but only since December 11. Today I find out whether or not I've been accepted to Teach for America. As I've said previously, I probably didn't get in. But I just want to know.

Today is also the sixth consecutive day that has been completely without any academic commitments. I was actually looking forward to my thesis meeting tonight, but something urgent came up in the department (that's okay, I just wrote 22 pages this weekend, but that's okay).

Oh, Gmail tab. How you torture me.

Also, it's six degrees. I really should exercise, though. I'm afraid this means ... the dreaded Denise Austin workout DVD. Ugghhh. I'll tell you what you can do with that potato, missy.

8:51 AM
Okay, now it's FOUR DEGREES.

Also - all junk mail is hereby forbidden. Nada mas. Spam filter, do your thing.

9:48 AM
Five degrees.
WTF there are two MILLION people at the inauguration. Seriously? Is there enough oxygen to go around?

11:13 AM
I got a teaser email from the Ohio TFA recruiter, reminding me that "we find out today!" No shit, Sherlock.

The worst thing about being at the inauguration would be the ridiculous lack of porta-potties. There's something like 1 for every 300 people. My brain doesn't even want to process that.

11:53 AM
If you haven't worked with documents from the nineteenth and eighteenth centuries, you might not know that the letter "s" was often written as "f." Why, I have no clue, other than perhaps to make writings even less decipherable. But sometimes it's funny, like when a midwifery text mentions that a woman's newborn twins "fuck freely."

Oh yeah still haven't heard. It's all the way up to 15 degrees, though.

1:53 PM
I'm guilty of extreme lack of respect for a very important ceremony. Yes, it was a nice speech, but let's give the man a few months so he can really show us his mettle, okay?

And goddammit TFA, step away from the inane CNN broadcast and call or email or whatever you're going to do.

3:04 PM

I'm in.
I got placed in D.C.
Pre-K through 3rd grade.
I have to decide by February 2nd.

This is not how I expected to feel.


Carrie Arnold said...

Wow- congrats. I have a friend at TFA in Houston, too.

Your decision is all yours, my friend. All the best.

Gaining Back My Life said...

First off, congrats. You deserve to know that you received the A-OK b/c you got the right stuff! (Sorry.....idk where that came from)

2nd, tonight is a GREAT night to hit the bar. Alot of promises, a little education & life experiences = we'll see.

Allyse said...

Congratulations, Lisa!!! This is a good thing :) I'm proud of you-- and if you move to DC I will get to see you infinitely more often, what a treat. Good luck deciding, sending hugs your way.

Anonymous said...