Thursday, January 15, 2009

Things for which I am grateful

I have bitched entirely too much over the past few days, so I will try to ameliorate this by writing a list of things for which I'm thankful. Some people do this every day, but I'm too lazy.

1. That I did not choose a college in Minnesota or Wisc
onsin or some map dot in North Dakota. Because, seriously, that is just too damn cold.

2. The soft, pretty purple-blue wrap my roommate gave me for Christmas. It's warm and she told me she didn't even mind if I got frozen snot on it.

3. Spaghetti squash, a poached egg, and parmesan cheese. Add some salt and pepper and you're in a good place. Plus the egg yolk has lots of iron.

4. For some reason, my room is the warmest in the house.

5. I'm writing this on the most advanced piece of technology I've ever owned. I love my computer like a child.

6. Baby gorillas, like this little fella. And that I'll get to s
ee him next month when I go to D.C.

7. Going to D.C. next month counts double, because it's
three years for Jim and me.

One more thing:
8. Tomorrow is another day.


Cammy said...

Amen to #1 especially, I can't imagine how they make it through the winters up there. I have been miserable today because our high was only 40, meanwhile in some places it was negative 40 last night, it blows my mind.

Anonymous said...