Monday, July 14, 2008

Y'all are probably sick of this

I just got an email from my boss who reminded me that, you know, it's okay to HAVE FUN at these conference things. And I have to say that today has been much less stressful, probably from the combination of de-puffed face, early-morning workout, and no actual responsibilities for the day.

I still haven't found the Even More Well-Known Disaster Anthropologist. I really hope he didn't leave.

Also, this hotel epic fails when it comes to food. Today there were cold cuts at lunch, so I talked myself into a slice of bread. I'd eaten about half of it when I realized there was MOLD on the bottom. I rule. Now I'm kicking myself for the chocolate I had for dessert. I'm not completely de-stressed, I suppose.

I should also mention that my family and The Boy deserve medals for dealing with my freakout phone calls.

Finally, I came across this entry over at ED Bites that is well-written and thoughtful.

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