Monday, July 21, 2008


I am flat-out cranky - to the point where these "Ambush Makeovers!" on the Today Show make me want to punch somebody in the face. Look what they did to Lorene - she went from someone's grandmother to a wannabe Blanche DuBois. And it only gets worse.

Oh, it's worse than I thought. I'm on 53 out of 80 pictures, and not one of them has been a man or a woman of color.

I kind of hate myself, but I went through all 40 makeover recipients. No women of color. No men. They were going for their target audience, so I can't blame them - but good lord, how boring. They took an already uniform group of women and made them look even more like each other. Snore.

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Anonymous said...

Holy hell, who started the freaking proscription against gray hair? Seriously. There's a difference between "aging gracefully" and "clinging desperately to youth." If you're 71and strawberry blonde, no one's falling for that shit.

And, of course, when one woman describes herself as a "tomboy" they think it must be a sign of low self-esteem and give her ruffles and red lipstick. Fuckers.