Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Today ... has not been good. The past few days, actually. We've got big presentations to do tomorrow - the big cheeses at the DRC are all going to be there. And after being in denial about The Future for so long, I am suddenly gripped by the need to have everything planned out RIGHT NOW. Cue hours of feverishly searching for graduate programs, jobs, internships; cursing myself for choosing as impractical a major as anthropology. No matter how much I love it, it doesn't exactly scream "employable."

And so when one of my fellow interns brought his special Earthquake Cake (get it?) to the DRC today, I just couldn't manage a piece. I tried an admittedly tiny piece the first time he made it, and it really is delicious. Today, though, it was too much. With everything on my mind, I didn't need a piece of gooey chocolate-sour-cream-pecan-coconut cake on top of it all. I feel terrible - he made something nice for us, and I turned it down.

Further proof that food is so much more than "fuel."

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