Monday, July 7, 2008


Without meaning to, I've become someone who doesn't watch TV.

Not someone who Doesn't Watch TV. That kind of person dismisses pop-culture references with disdain. "Oh, well, I Don't Watch TV." To this kind of person, programming is a vast wasteland; their time is spent on higher pursuits, such as yoga or gardening or Reading Important Books. My non-watching has more to do with my lifestyle right now. Sure, there's a little borrowed set in the common area, but I'm not in there much - I'm usually in my room, working/dicking around on the laptop.

Have I missed it? Not particularly. My television viewing during the school year is pretty spotty as well, and the good shows (30 Rock and The Office) are on hiatus right now. Additionally, online TV is preferable sometimes. subjects you to a whopping minute and a half of commercials for an entire hour-long show. For an anthropologist who gets a little too involved in advertising, that's a welcome change.

But I don't think I'm going to take up gardening when this internship ends. There are always marathons of America's Next Top Model.

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Anonymous said...

if you haven't seen it yet, how i met your mother is absolutely hilarious. i've never laughed so hard at a tv show in my life.

also, is great for online tv-watching; no commercials at all! =)

--jessica cherok (sorry for quasi-stalking you =) )