Monday, July 14, 2008

Contacts insertion = success

Today is already better - I can see, my eyes aren't burning, and I don't have to record.

Last night I ran into some serious academic snobbery. I introduced myself to a pretty well-known anthropologist and we commiserated about being fish out of water - there are about three of us, plus an archaeologist; I've yet to hear anyone say "holistic." Then I asked if she had any advice for getting a job before I get my MPH*.

"Oh, don't bother with your masters," she said. "Go straight for your Ph.D. You don't want to lose your momentum."
I frowned. "But I want to get my MPH," I reminded her. "I want to do more applied work."
"Is that what you really want to do?" she asked, doubtful.
"Hmm ... well, I would ask (an even more prominent anthropologist in attendance). He'd know what to say ..."

Thanks. That was helpful.

*Masters in Public Health. Most of y'all probably know that, but just in case.

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