Saturday, July 12, 2008

De-gilding the lily

So maybe this isn't the best hotel ever. I just had the most god-awful meal - service was inattentive and slow and my small plate of wilted romaine hearts was $6. I'm guessing they weren't prepared for the number of people coming to this conference.

In other news, I'm overwhelmed. I'm back to feeling like I need to have my life mapped out NOW; I need to have my resume written, my job prospects in the bag, I need to Know Where I'm Headed. And I don't.

Additionally, food has been incredibly wacky today. I've probably eaten waaaaaaay more than I've needed, because it's all been munching-type food. Plus two glasses of wine. Plus peanuts from the plane. And two glasses of wine. And I need to stop, or I'm going to start writing down everything I eat, and that's a highway straight (back) to Crazytown.

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