Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Gatorade's slogan for its G2 drink: "Less Calories for More Athletes."

... what?

And shouldn't it be "fewer," anyway?


tears-of-nienna said...

Yes, yes it should.

Just Eat It! said...

The poor grammar kills me.

brie said...

I love grammar snobs.

So that means I love you.

And that's the most retarded slogan I've ever heard.

Sarah said...

HAHA! I am totally with Brie on this one--grammar snobs unite! I also agree with the idiocy of the slogan. Way to question it. I think that smart people who have been through an eating disorder are way more aware of messages like this and it is awesome to draw attention to and question them. Seriously, athletes need MORE calories. D-u-h!

Lissy said...

i with sarah -- don't athletes need a lot of calories to fuel them? so what now -- will our athletes start fainting during events? the olympics will need a lot of extra doctors!!!!

Tiptoe said...

Though the slogan is not a good one, it does cater to a number of athletes' thinking, unfortunately. We all need to change our mindsets here.