Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The home stretch

Can it really be my last quarter here? It's so strange to think that in 10 weeks I will be gone, possibly forever. I hope I'll come back and visit, but that's often the sort of thing one never gets around to doing.

It's not time yet for my melodramatic "college experience" reflection post. Look for that in June. But shit fire, what a four years. Not that there haven't been some lows, but on the whole I've been unbelievably fortunate. I've had the chance to do some pretty remarkable things and meet some wonderful people. I still wake up sometimes thinking I'm 14, but now when I look in the mirror I kind of believe I'm an adult. At the very least, my recent weight gain means I'm not likely to be mistaken for a boy again.

Here's my question - will the next four years change me as much as these have?


Sheena said...

To answer your question, I think it really depends on the person. So many interesting people and classes and information comes your way by the very nature of college that it's impossible to stay stagnant and not grow.

But after graduating, and that inital year of entering teh real world, I think you can fall into a rut. You are not pushed into new experiences so you have to motivate yourself. Though sometimes just growing up and trying to make it on your own is enough.

Enjoy the last quarter! Take Care!

Just Eat It! said...

Half the time I wake up thinking I'm fourteen and see the same fourteen-year-old in the mirror.

I feel like every single year changes me, whether I'm in school or not. Who knows? You could have a transformation. Perhaps during the next four years you won't feel like you've changed, but then look back on it afterwards and see that you have.

Tiptoe said...

Coming from experience, it all depends. I think your twenties are a hard time. You're embarking on a new life in the real world as an adult. As much as people may tell you about it, until you're really out there, you just don't know.

As with high school and college, it is a discovery time. I know for me, I've certainly learned a great deal about myself, but at the same time, my own demons from the past s till haunt me which does me leave a bit "lost" at times.

In the end, it's all what you make of it. Enjoy the time left of college.

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