Friday, September 5, 2008

Note to self

Yep, you ate a lot last weekend. And you figured the worrying would hit you right about now. Stop pinching your stomach and remember how GOOD it all was. You tried Thai food and had a mango daiquiri with it. Jim cooked his amazing flatiron steak. His roommate and his roommate's girlfriend grilled chicken and onions and veggies for you, and they bought mochi for you to try. Oh, and then there was the brunch with UNLIMITED MIMOSAS. And stir-fry and oatmeal, your comfort foods. You enjoyed it while you were in D.C. It did not suddenly become poisonous when you returned to Ohio.

What's more important is the company you had while you ate. You got to eat with people who you genuinely like and care for, and who genuinely like and care for you, too. Your boyfriend cooked for you. So stop neurosing (it's annoying) and remember how wonderful it is to combine good food and friends.

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