Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I must be getting old. Back in the day, I could handle six hours of class and homework. Today, though, I'm far more tired than I have the right to be. One of the classes was the introductory lecture, for pete's sake.

Notes from today:
1. I switched to another section of Epidemiology and now have no classes on Fridays. Hooray! That was also why I had six hours today - the other section is Monday-Wednesday; the one I had been in was Wednesday-Friday. I had to come back in the afternoon so I wouldn't be behind.
2. My Epidemiology prof is from Nigeria and doesn't strike me as the best lecturer. This morning we were treated to a long tale about the birth of his oldest daughter. The material should be interesting - provided we get through it.
3. In addition, every time he says "calculation" it sounds like "copulation."
4. Between Epidemiology and Class & Inequality, I'm going to spend a lot of this quarter feeling sad.
5. The Epidemiology prof appears to have a "stop eating junk food and start exercising" mindset about treating obesity. Also, he talked a lot about "spiritual health." On the plus side, he said "holistic" about seven times.
6. (Which has nothing to do with classes) I am hyper-aware of my stomach and I'm not comfortable with that.

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Gaining Back My Life said...

Uh! I had an Anthropology prof who talked about Shamanism ALL THE TIME. And an English prof who gave handouts on Eatern religion with his assignments.